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Da Crüe

Darren Broome
Co-Owner/ Mechanic/ Bike Fit Expert

I started my career in the bike industry after getting out of the Army in 1995 while on the island of Oahu. I had become an avid triathlete while stationed at Schofield Barracks and continued racing for the next ten years.

As a result I was able to work in some of the best multi-sport oriented stores on the islands, and held positions ranging from sales person to mechanic to general manager.

During this time period I also attended both United Bicycle Institute and Barnett’s Bicycle Institute, earning both Tech 1 and Tech 2 certifications. I was lucky enough to begin volunteering my services to the Iron Man World Championships for bike tech support, and soon became director of bike tech operations.

This allowed me to meet many interesting people as well as travel to New Zealand and Australia where I supported tri camps with mechanical service. When I came to the valley in 2005, I quickly realized this was a place where I wanted to lay down some roots and, after working my way up in the local shop scene, joined forces with my fellow employee Nic Degross and embarked on a fantastic bike business adventure.

Nic Degross
Co-Owner/ Head Mechanic

I got my first taste of bikes on a local mtn bike race scene back in WI in the late 90's.  Then, while enjoying a four year vacation in the navy, I took my passion of riding all over the globe.

Choosing not to continue my military career, in Aug 2001, I found myself (with much luck) landing in the best place on earth- the Roaring Fork Valley and finished out the year as a ski tech in a local ski shop.

Spring 2002 I went all in and becoming an apprentice wrench under the two most experienced mechanics in the valley at the time, which fueled my ethusiasm for the bike industry, and gave me the knowledge and motivation to move up thru the ranks of management and on to ownership. I've been in the industry for nearly ten years now, and my love for all things bikes has futher grown.

Ride fast take chances!

Bobby Weinhold
Mechanic/Suspension Tech

Bobby, (originally Robert) who used to be the newest addition to the shop, recently replaced by the Button. A firm believer in friction shifters and skinny tires, only rides a single speed because he can't afford gears.

Darin Binion

A valley resident for over 20 years, Darin (also known to his friends as NiRad) is a true steward to cycling in our town.  Not only is he an experienced mechanic with two decades in our industry, but he is also an accomplished endurance racer with multiple 18 and 24 hour race podiums as well as finishing the Leadville 100 mtb race various years on his trusted singlespeed.  Darin also likes to have as much fun off the bike as he does on it with his mantra of "Single malt, singletrack, and singlespeed" that helps him lead his "party o' vascular" lifestyle.

Matt Hoogenboom

Matt, also known as "Rook" to his friends, is a hard core Michigan boy who loves to spend his summers on his bikes and his winters on his skis, although he did put some good mileage on his new fat bike this winter.  While Matt is new to the bike industry, he is extremely mechanically oriented as he comes from a background of auto mechanics.  He also is a local beer hero as he works for our local brewery, Roaring Fork Brewing Company, as well.

Button The Cat
Customer Service from beyond

Although Button is no longer with us in body, she is still very much with us in spirit.  If anyone has a customer service issue, all we have to do is yell Button three times and the issue is magically solved.